Writers’ block: Stages decoded


1. Denial




No, of course not.


I am just busy… sitting. I have a lot of sitting to do. 

2. Bargaining

Day 1: I’ll write at least 500 words today.

Day 2: I’ll write at least 250 words today.

Day 3: I’ll write today.

Day 4: I’ll write.

Day 5: Shut up, voices in my head. I can still write. 

3. Depression

I should just talk to myself to find another passion because I am such a lousy writer anyway.

Nobody reads anymore. Why was I born into this cruel world?

I suck at life.

4. Anger 

Another article. Damn, it’s beautifully written. This son of a… 

It’s not my fault. It was God’s fault. This is clearly manufacturing defect. It has to be. 

Another beautiful article. Damn you. Maybe I should write to you about how rude and disrespectful you are being. 

5. Acceptance

I will just write. I can’t give this up. 

I just need to put one thing up. One thing and then it will flow.

Someone please break my heart. 

Damn it, it’s been so long. What do I write about? 

Oh, wait.







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