My body. Guess who makes the rules?


An usual day, chilling with the girls, a friend picked up the magazine and swung it across the table. All beauty magazines exist to make you feel ugly, she said. And surprisingly got a lot of nods and giggles. I picked it up and for the first time, flipped through a fashion and beauty magazine. These are the few things that got my attention. Let’s go ranking wise. Stupidest of all. There was an article on how applying make- up correctly can make your nose look like that of Kareena Kapoor’s or your cheeks look like Katrina Kaif’s. Then there were articles on how a particular product can make your skin look fairer instantly. And articles on how insecure women started feeling sexy after consuming their product which made them lose weight. This one made me nauseous- It was a column, and a mother had written asking if she should consider surgery for her eight year old obese daughter. Chill out, you read that right. It’s not in your head. Yes, eight years old. I noticed how the whole magazine was screaming to its readers telling them how they could be this and how they could be that. It was convincing them that they weren’t good enough and they could be only if they lost a few kilograms or increased their skin tone by a few shades. The marketing strategy of these “beauty” products is to basically implant in the heads of their readers, their idea of perfect. Affect the self esteem, because apparently, the features and the skin one was born with isn’t good enough. And by telling them their products can do magic. I wasn’t going to stop there. I went online and these are the things I found. Fairness creams for underarms, fairness creams for vagina (Yes, I am serious), balms that can make your lips kissable and whole bunch of nonsense for products. It makes me profoundly sad, how women try to fit into what the magazine covers think is perfect. Who is to define perfect for you? Like those extra kgs? Keep them. Like being slender? Be. Just as long as you are healthy. Flaunt your skin. Flaunt your features. Don’t let them make you feel low for something you were born with. You define perfect for yourself. It is as simple as this: Your body, your rules.

Because, anorexia and complexion complex, is a disease, not a fashion statement.


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