I bumped into an old friend a few months ago. For the first few minutes, we just stood there and said nothing to each other. Then I turned around and walked away. I have had some amazing memories with this friend. We had the longest conversations, shared the deepest secrets and laughed till we thought we were going to die. There was so much love. But when things took a wrong turn, I was angry. I was so angry, I let the anger overtake my love for him. All those years of friendship and I let four years of silence follow. And I realised something and this, I will remember for a lifetime. We fight with our families all the time. We scream, we yell, we throw a tantrum and wake up the next day knowing our mother is our still mother. Yet, somehow, when this happens with a friend, we throw away the relationship and pretend it never existed. “Nope, we aren’t friends anymore” is a frequent phase whereas people hardly ever say, “Nope. She isn’t my mother anymore.” Is it only the ones you have blood ties with that matter? Why do we even bother making friends? Why bother loving them if it is going to change over petty issues? And I saw how we have gone into this ugly way of making relationships business dealings and emotions conditional. A hug for a hug, a slap for a slap. And I decided the love I have for my friends wasn’t going to be that brittle. I sent the text I had typed a few years ago but never pressed the send button. He replied immediately. After having every pending conversation, he said, “Always” and it broke my heart to see what I had done. I had chased pride and ego that I ignored the things that truly matter in life. Relationships, love, human beings. Words of Shakespeare wouldn’t stop echoing in my head. Love is not which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove.


6 thoughts on “Always.

  1. Ruchi Munoth

    Hey nishi!
    your writing is really good and your thoughts bring me back my…our old memories. Missing you guys alot and the time we spend and OUR FULL TIME NONSENSE TALKS.
    miss you girl… write really well. keep writing… 🙂


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